Synaptics MIT license approved

mcnichol at mcnichol at
Wed May 16 15:37:14 PDT 2007

> From: Keith Packard <keithp at>
> Not that I recall; fd.o hosts several GPL/LGPL projects already. The
> only restriction is that the 'katamari' releases (the 7.x series)
> should remain MIT licensed to allow people building GPL-incompatible
> systems to continue to use these releases.
> There isn't any reason we cannot host GPL licensed drivers in the
> git repository, bugzill and mailing lists though, if that would be
> convenient for the synaptics developers.

Using bugzilla and mailing lists sounds ok, but I think putting
GPL code in the X.Org repository is a policy change that starts us
down a road where some would rather not go.


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