Synaptics MIT license approved

Christoph Brill egore at
Wed May 16 13:32:04 PDT 2007

Am Mittwoch, den 16.05.2007, 12:58 -0700 schrieb Donnie Berkholz:
> Colin Guthrie wrote:
> > Just for the record, what kind of "proof" do you have? I'm personally
> > not concerned but if contacting everyone was such a hard task and the
> > only evidence of people accepting it are on "someone's" personal
> > computer then this is not really enough? Perhaps some for of official
> > announcement with email extracts etc. would go some of the way to
> > providing a public record? But you've maybe already done this elsewhere.
> Perhaps it would be a good idea to stick all of these emails into a file
> in the synaptics repository.
> Thanks,
> Donnie

Donnie, that sounds like a really good idea. I have a maildir folder
containing 162 email I sent or received during this approach. I will
sort them and put the relevant ones in a tar file. I will keep them
until we figured out all the details on the license change.

Btw: Of course I cannot garantuee that every person I contacted was the
real one ... but I really, really doubt anyone would be able to "act"
like he would be this person.

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