how and when to build pixman ? [was: Re: Pixman dependency]

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at
Tue May 15 07:56:47 PDT 2007

"Dan Nicholson" <dbn.lists at> writes:

> On 5/14/07, Jens Stroebel <dr-xorg at> wrote:
> >
> > 2.) on the system I use to test-build the git-checkout of Xorg, pixman
> > wants to link to gtk-x11, which will normally not be present on a host
> > on which I build up the Xorg release from scratch (as I can only build
> > gtk2 after Xorg has been installed).
> Looking at and pixman/ in git, all it wants to
> link to is libm. So, it seems all you need is libc/libm. Untested,
> though.

It actually wants to link some the test programs with GTK+. That's
simply so that I can look at the output. The dependency on GTK+ is
going to be autodetected, and if it's not there, those test programs
will just not be built. I haven't done this yet, but it's clearly a

For the position in the dependency graph, pixman should only require
libm, and the only thing depending on it in the X tree should be the X
server itself.


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