Driver for ATI rs690t (xpress 1200m)

Warly warly at
Sun May 13 23:17:38 PDT 2007

"Jerome Glisse" <j.glisse at> writes:

> Might be avivo core, Warly could you grab:
> Inside there is ddcprobe directory in it compile and launch vbetest
> it should report a list of mode remember them (say 800x600, 1024x768)
> quit and relaunch with ddcprobe -m modenumber 2> d800x600
> do same for other mode and send the files or put them somewhere.
> I will take a look and tell you if this is an avivo core.
> For all this i think you need to be one 64bits platform or force use
> of x86emu (there is switch for doing so). If you need any more help
> to run this let me know.

The results are in

I compile it on x86 but with x86emu (I guess this is what trigger the
reg dump?), as I do not really know what you are looking for, I could
not check if the results were file, tell me if you need something else.



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