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Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed May 9 02:33:29 PDT 2007

Unfortunately, over the last few days we've been plagued with problems
wiping out both and[0].  gabe.fd.o (www, lists,
DNS, DRI, OpenClipart, a few others) was having what we believe to be
hardware issues, exacerbated by some pretty stunning resource usage
issues (at one count, Apache had attempted to allocate 8.8GB of RAM). was moved on 16 hours notice, and down for around 8 hours
instead of the expected 1.  Unfortunately, expo was the secondary DNS
server for fd.o, and the registrar had an outdated tertiary server --
so, no DNS for fd.o.

gabe is now back up, and expo is now relocated, so we're back on the air
now, modulo OpenClipart/OpenFontLibrary/Create, due to what looks like a
spambot/abusive spider attack.  Services should otherwise be back to

Apologies for the inconvenience; it was a pretty cataclysmic
co-incidence of events, and hopefully when we get the glue records
fixed, we'll have to lose our west coast US server, our east coast US
server, and a server in the UK, in order to suffer a similar disruption.

Veterans of past fd.o outages will be pleased to note that we swung our
backup plan into action when our of our filesystems was hit with a
brutal shutdown, and it worked completely: there was no data loss.

Daniel and the moderately cheerful team of fd.o/ admins

     In summary: fd.o DNS/mail/www.fd.o machine died, then X.Org machine
     got moved on extremely short notice, glue records were outdated,
     thus no DNS for the machines that were still up.
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