Dual-head on i810 driver -- almost works

Greg Stark gsstark at mit.edu
Mon May 7 07:02:15 PDT 2007

Not sure if this got out, my emacs aborted when I tried to send it (!)

JM Ibanez <jm at orangeandbronze.com> writes:

> What particular chipset are you on? Are you using an i830-series device
> (i830/i852/i855 and related)?

(--) PCI:*(0:2:0) Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller rev 3, Mem @ 0xdff00000/19, 0xc0000000/28, 0xdfec0000/18, I/O @ 0xeff8/3

> If you are, please check if the patches for bug #10645 works for you, available
> here[0] and here[1]. Note that these are just workarounds to the problem.

With 2.0.0 and both of those patches the textured video adapter works fine.
The overlay adapter still doesn't work.

I just updated to a fresh git checkout and applied the patches and now both
adapters work fine.

Strangely the port numbers have changed to 79 and 83.


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