Remote desktop capture

eberrocal at eberrocal at
Mon May 7 03:09:19 PDT 2007

Hi to everybody, this is the first time that I write to this mailing list.
Sorry if my English is not very well.

I have been searching information but I do not find anything about this. I
pretend to execute 3D applications (OpenGL applications) in a remote X
session (normally in a power 3D cluster) and watch the result in my local
(normally poor) machine.

One of the solutions that I have thought to transport the rendered data
are video. There are a lot of applications allow me to capture the openGL
buffer, compress it in a video frame and make a video with this video
frames (or send this video thought the network with vlc for example) like
yukon, recordMyDesktop, etc.


Via ssh the user open a X session with the command:

user at node0:~$ startx -- :1 &
user at node0:~$ export DISPLAY=:1

in the remote machine, and now I can execute any openGl application like

user at node0:~$ glxgears

The problem comes when I pretend to capture the window of the openGL
applications or the entire desktop where this application is running. The
result is a video where the openGL application zone is absolutely black,
there are nothing to capture.

I do not know if I can do this in a different way or if It is impossible.
I suspect that the problem is clipping, because this X session is not been
displaying in a monitor and possibly the clipping algorithm fail for the
entire openGL zone.

Thanks for your time.


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