Window mapping w/EXA really slow in Xorg 7.2

Joel Feiner jafeiner at
Sat May 5 05:47:25 PDT 2007

Well, I thought I had fixed it, but turns out that I'm retarded.  I
installed the entire git Xorg tree in /usr/local and I thought that I was
using the git X server.  Turns out that I wasn't actually using the new
server because kdmrc had a full path to /usr/bin/X, which is not the correct
/usr/local/bin/X.  When I finally got down to it, I could never use the new
X server because it can't load the keymap, yadda yadda.  So I gave up.  But
I did manage to try Gentoo's xorg-server-1.3.0 (7.3.0) and the same problems
with EXA remain as before.  Thus, I consider EXA still broken.

- Joel

On 4/20/07, Joel Feiner <jafeiner at> wrote:
> Alright, I built the entire system from git (which was somewhat
> painful, but not altogether terrible) and the problem seems to have gone
> away.  I'm not sure why I was getting the regressions with the Gentoo
> provided X-servers.  I should note that I was able to the build the X server
> from git before but I still had these problems.  It's only now that I've
> built the very latest version along with all the other junk that the problem
> has gone away.
> On 4/19/07, James Cloos <cloos+pdx-xorg at> wrote:
> >
> > >>>>> "Joel" == Joel Feiner <jafeiner at> writes:
> >
> > Joel> I have an ATi x300 (r300 driver).  I have been using EXA plus the
> > Joel> composite extension in conjunction with xcompmgr/kompmgr, that is,
> >
> > Joel> 2d compositing.  With X server 7.1.1, everything works great.  ...
> > Joel> But with X server 7.2, ...  switching virtual desktops and mapping
> > Joel> large windows is slow.  Switching desktops is especially slow
> > Joel> taking as long as 2 seconds to complete.  Most of that time, there
> > Joel> is no change in the screen.  It is only at the very end that all
> > Joel> the windows appear for the new desktop.
> >
> > This happens for me (on Radeon M7, r100 driver) as well, even w/o the
> > composite module loaded.  I use icewm.
> >
> > Switching to a desktop with a seamonkey or firefox window is especially
> > slow.  Desktops with emacs or urxvt windows are more tolerable, but not
> > nearly as fast as things used to be.  (One significant difference
> > between the likes of emacs or urxvt vs zilla is xft vs cairo.)
> >
> > My xserver, ati driver, xcb, libx11, cairo, mesa are all git master,
> > I use EXA, and cairo may or may not be using glitz.  (I can't tell;
> > glitz is linked in, but I can't be sure whether the glitz, xcb or libx11
> > backends are in use....)
> >
> > This has been the case for a while.
> >
> > -JimC
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> > James Cloos < cloos at>         OpenPGP: 1024D/ED7DAEA6
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