X11R7.2 on OS X 10.4 binary package available for testing

Ben Byer bbyer at mm.st
Tue May 1 04:59:31 PDT 2007

I've put together a binary installation package of X11R7.2 for Mac OS  
X 10.4 [1] .  At the moment, the package contains most of the X11R7.2  
release's proto headers, libraries and the X server, all built for ppc  
and i386.

The package will install all of the files in /usr/X11, so as to  
coexist with the files in /usr/X11R6 as distributed with 10.4.  Most  
users will find this most useful if they already have X11.app  
installed, as this package does not yet include any applications; it  
can use the ones in /usr/X11R6, or I can bundle them in a future  
package if there is interest.  (The only way to get Apple's quartz-wm  
is from the OS X install disk.)

The installer is located here:  http://people.freedesktop.org/~bbyer/Xorg-X11R7.2.dmg

After installing the package, you may run the new X.org version as / 

The included version of the Xquartz server is mostly feature complete;  
the only feature missing from it but found in the XFree86 Xquartz is  
fullscreen support, which I am currently working on (but would welcome  
any help!).  All of the X.org bug fixes from the past few years have  
been included, as well as a handful of bugs.  Please feel free to send  
me as many patches as you'd like :)

Building this package is fairly difficult; I recommend you try the  
binaries I have provided, and rebuild individual pieces as needed from  
source.  To facilitate this, the above installer is merely a  
combination of these tarballs:


The packages were built with only slight patches to most modules, with  
the exception of the X server, which is fairly heavily patched.

Complete archives of the sources for those, as well as the rest of the  
modules, are available:


In each, you'll find the original tarballs, patches, and configure  
script parameters, as well as a build script which may or may not be  
very helpful outside of my build environment.  Of these, X11server-20  
is the easiest to build, as it's only one module!  It also could use  
the most work, so that'd be a good starting place!

Many of the patches for the X server have already been integrated into  
the git master; I hope to have the integration work done in time for  
the server-1.4 release.  Currently, the server based on server-1.2 /  
X11R7.2 is in much better shape, and I won't be able to put much time  
into fixing it until I finish up the work with the 1.2 server.


1. There's no fundamental reason they won't work on OS X 10.3, but I  
haven't had the time (nor the equipment) to test them there.

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