[PATCH] force maximum keycode to be 255 in xf86-input-evdev evdev_key.c

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at who-t.net
Tue May 1 00:39:13 PDT 2007

Magnus Kessler wrote:
> The last commit to xf86-input-evdev evdev_key.c was made to cover the whole 
> range of key codes up to 256 (0xff), but only introduced keycodes up to 247 
> (0xf7). This patch adds the missing range up to 256.

most apps can't cope with growing/shrinking keymaps. The size of the 
evdev keymap has to be exactly the size of the kbd keymap which happens 
to have 0x7f entries.
Applying the patch will cause a lot of apps to fail on a BadValue in 


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