Xgl + Compiz + ATI Radeon 7500 = system freeze

Dan Behman dbehman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 10:52:22 PDT 2007


Whenever I enable Desktop Effects (XGL) in SUSE Linux Enterprise
Desktop 10, everything works great for a
random period of time - all effects work - spinning cube, wobbly windows,
etc (well maybe not raindrops, but that's ok).  After a certain amount of
time (could be several hours, or the next day I go to use my desktop), when
a desktop effect is used (ie. moving a window, spinning the cube, etc), I
get a complete system freeze where the mouse cursor disappears and no
combination of keys will do anything (even CTRL-ALT-DEL).

I've applied all the latest available Xorg and Xgl updates using my
desktop's system update tool and still this problem occurs.

If nobody knows of a quick fix, are there any suggestions for things I can
try?  Perhaps adding some Options in the xorg.conf for the radeon device?
Doing a "man radeon" I see that there are tons of options available -
perhaps one or more could be the magic setting change?

Thanks in advance,
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