x.org is Hacker Trash

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Mar 29 09:21:48 PDT 2007

On Thursday 29 March 2007, xorg sucks wrote:
>I had spent so much of my life on this TRAIN WRECK of
>a project that it was virtually painless to make an
>account specifically for this email.
I know it spring, but who left the window open?

>In Brief:  WTF?
>What's with you Open Source ninnies and your love for
>customization? Who the hell needs more than one way to
>get the source? Individual tarballs? ARE YOU SHITTING
>ME!? Didn't the compulsion to create an 'everything'
>directory (chuckles) smell a little funny? Good Lord!
>What the hell are you supposed to do with all that
>shit when it's downloaded!!!! (Extraordinarily meek
>voice, weakened and pinched through years of role
>playing as Xeldarina, Princess of Eldar, responds:
>BASH scripting dummy. GOSH. Get a clue *snort*)
>You don't even provide scripts to turn it into a
>You do have the GIT method. That looks cool. I mean,
>GIT is the latest fad in SCMs after all.
>Oh wait......
>The only repository is the UNSTABLE one! 530 MB for
>something that MIGHT WORK!? Are you pullin' ma leg?
>Yankin' my chain? That's a real knee slapper, that
>one, I tell you boy!
>This project is such a sham.
>So let's set it clear: You guys produced a heaping
>pile of dung by trying to generalize---or modularize,
>if you will----the existing X Window system to such an
>extent that nothing is useful! The only reason your
>crap works is because the big boys working on the
>GNU/Linux distros hack it together for their
>individual systems.
>(1) Make an easily navigable site with consistent
>build instructions.
>(2) Concentrate on one method of distribution.
>(3) Only offer individual tarballs for those who know
>what they're doing.
>(4) Setup (easily findable) branches in your
>repository; don't even allow changes to the unstable
>repository unless the whole thing compiles.
>(5) Make it easy. Good Lord! I can compile a frickin'
>OS Kernel without a sweat. What the hell is X Windows?
>It's crap.
>Do it better.
>Cordially (as the biggest jerks of OSS like to say),
>x.org Sucks
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Cheers, Gene
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