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Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Thu Mar 29 07:30:23 PDT 2007


while I would not say it as harsh as in the previous thread. Still, the 
few logic behind this email I can follow.
Xorg is supposed to be one project? A "rpm -qa | grep xorg | wc -l" gives 
me 46. Really.  Ok, including devel packages.

Let me tell you my situation. I am developing and packaging some smaller 
applications and need nothing more than to link against some X libraries. 
Simple? Everyone would think so. Packages needs to get build for many 
systems, each linking against different set of X libs. Now the xorg ones 
are not a few packages to install as in the past, but many and mostly 
differently named ones.
For each OS a different naming sheme and for each package a different 

I would guess that the xorg way of distribution costs now more time to a 
extended circle of persons.

Modularisation may have great advantage, no doubt.
As a form for distribution it is not good. There is simply no need to 
install only a subset of xorg. The project has one single license. And 
technically it makes a minimal difference to install completely or in 
single pices, if xorg will run the usual way. Or would you install 
plain vim or OpenOffice and install the config files and filters on demand?

Of course, I have to look at my own projects not to repeat the same thing 

Kai-Uwe Behrmann
development for color management 
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