Custom board based on PPC405 and PCI Graphic controler problem.

powerpc440 powerpc440 at
Thu Mar 29 05:38:41 PDT 2007

Michel Dänzer wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 16:12 +0200, powerpc440 wrote:
>> I have a custom board, based on PowerPC ppc405ep CPU. On the board are 3 PCI 
>> devices: sATA, USB and PCI Slot. sATA, USB and PCI working already good, but 
>> still I have some troubles with a Graphic Controler on PCI slot. The graphic 
>> card is standard 3.3V PCI Radeon 7000. I have compile xorg 7.2, and try to 
>> start the X server with radeon driver. The X server starts, the monitor is 
>> found with the correct model, but no picture is appears. After several seconds 
>> the whole board freeze.
> The radeon drivers rely on the firmware for low-level initialization of
> the card. Does it do that? Do you get a picture on bootup before the X
> server starts?
Thank you for the answer!

I don't have any firmware on the board. The boot loader (u-boot)
initialize the units: CPU, Memory, PCI, etc., but does nothing with
Graphic adapters. I can see only that, the video card is found on PCI
bus ("lspci -v" give to me: Class 0380: 1002:5940 (rev 01) - Radeon 9200
Pro). The very first interaction with the card is xorg's radeon driver.
Now I see why no picture appears before or after X server starts.

Are there any driver, or some another possibility, trough I can make
graphic low-level initialization before X server or kernel fb device?

Thank you in advance!

Zhivko Yordanov

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