x.org is Hacker Trash

xorg sucks x.org_is_hacker_trash at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 29 01:49:54 PDT 2007

I had spent so much of my life on this TRAIN WRECK of
a project that it was virtually painless to make an
account specifically for this email.

In Brief:  WTF?

What's with you Open Source ninnies and your love for
customization? Who the hell needs more than one way to
get the source? Individual tarballs? ARE YOU SHITTING
ME!? Didn't the compulsion to create an 'everything'
directory (chuckles) smell a little funny? Good Lord!
What the hell are you supposed to do with all that
shit when it's downloaded!!!! (Extraordinarily meek
voice, weakened and pinched through years of role
playing as Xeldarina, Princess of Eldar, responds:
BASH scripting dummy. GOSH. Get a clue *snort*)

You don't even provide scripts to turn it into a


You do have the GIT method. That looks cool. I mean,
GIT is the latest fad in SCMs after all.

Oh wait......

The only repository is the UNSTABLE one! 530 MB for
something that MIGHT WORK!? Are you pullin' ma leg?
Yankin' my chain? That's a real knee slapper, that
one, I tell you boy!

This project is such a sham.

So let's set it clear: You guys produced a heaping
pile of dung by trying to generalize---or modularize,
if you will----the existing X Window system to such an
extent that nothing is useful! The only reason your
crap works is because the big boys working on the
GNU/Linux distros hack it together for their
individual systems.

(1) Make an easily navigable site with consistent
build instructions. 

(2) Concentrate on one method of distribution.

(3) Only offer individual tarballs for those who know
what they're doing.

(4) Setup (easily findable) branches in your
repository; don't even allow changes to the unstable
repository unless the whole thing compiles.

(5) Make it easy. Good Lord! I can compile a frickin'
OS Kernel without a sweat. What the hell is X Windows?

It's crap.
Do it better.

Cordially (as the biggest jerks of OSS like to say),
x.org Sucks

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