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Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Mar 28 16:44:03 PDT 2007

I'm in the middle of revamping the X.Org wiki, as anyone looking at
RecentChanges would see.  The last one was a nightmare (pick any other,
far stronger, adjective), and I'd like to see a new one with a bit of
structure, and, well, usefulness. describes what I'm
working off now.  For example, ExaStatus would get moved to
Projects/EXA/Status, or just Projects/EXA; ephemeral development
documentation should go under Development/, and all the releases need to
go under Releases/.

Ideally, most drivers would have their own page under Projects/Drivers,
or at least a very short blurb describing their status, et al.

One thing I've noticed (thanks ajax) is that SyntaxReference is a bit
incomplete: to make a local link with a different title, use the
following syntax:
  [:Development/Documentation/ReleaseHOWTO:how to make a release]

I'd appreciate help from anyone who wants to get pages up to date or
just plain written, or moved into the right spot.  It's a pretty large
and, honestly, dull, job, but if everyone did the subsystem they cared
about, then it would make my life a lot easier, as I'd only have to deal
with XKB and the libraries.

Also note that I'll be NACKing any major patches from now on that make
the wiki incorrect.  So remember to keep it up to date. :)  Remember
that actually having documentation makes it far easier to entice
developers to work on X.

(FWIW, the reason why there's no X.Org Foundation stuff on there is
 because it will have its own wiki.)

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