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Mathieu Bouchard mbouchar at
Tue Mar 27 12:33:33 PDT 2007


I'm using the new intel driver (1.9.92) on debian and everything is working 
fine, except for a few problems with the screen size.

I have a Thinkpad R60 (i945 with a 1400x1050 LVDS screen) and I am using a 
Samsung SyncMaster 910T (1280x1024) when I'm at work. The problems are:

1 - I have configured a virtual screen size of 2680x1050. Since this 
resolution is bigger than 2024x2024, I have no 3D acceleration at all, even 
when only the LVDS screen is active. I must edit my xorg.conf file and 
restart X in order to have a working 3D environment.

2 - If I plug my laptop to a bigger monitor, I have to edit the xorg.conf file 
to set the virtual screen to a bigger value.

Since I like to play 3D games at home, I have to edit the xorg.conf file at 
least 2 times per working day, wich is not practical at all since I'm never 
restarting the laptop (sleep to memory).

My questions are:

1 - Is there a way to change the maximum screen size while X is running to be 
able to have 3D without restarting X?

2 - If not, is it a planned feature?

Mathieu Bouchard
Centre de bio-informatique
Pavillon Charles-Eugène-Marchand
Université Laval
Québec, Canada

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