Fwd: xf86-video-i810-1.9.92 works on external 1920x1200 but not 1400x1050 laptop screen...

m h sesquile at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 09:08:46 PDT 2007

On 3/26/07, Lars Ivar Igesund <larsivar at igesund.net> wrote:
> On Monday 26 March 2007 19:35:53 m h wrote:
> > > > My issue is that I now my normal laptop screen (1400x1050) will now
> > > > longer work, (with or without the 24inch plugged into the vga port).
> > >
> > > Umm... no display at all?
> >
> > Yeah, the laptop screen doesn't appear to want to work with X (virtual
> > terminals work fine).  It won't even work if the 24 inch isn't plugged
> > in.
> For what it's worth, this seems to be similar (or the same issues) to bug
> 10098 (you probably need to read it all to see it :).
> http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10098

I guess I'm going to need to try the newest RC's.  I'm surprised at
this regression though.  I would think that quite a few people who are
using this would have the 1400x1050 resolution....  Previously
versions of X would work just not at the right resolution (without
915resolution).  Now nothing comes up on the laptop screen.

BTW, does 915resolution conflict with the latest drivers?


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