2x DVI with "intel" driver?

Roland Scheidegger sroland at tungstengraphics.com
Tue Mar 27 05:41:36 PDT 2007

Graeme Gill wrote:
> Keith Packard wrote:
>> Someday we'll have DVI or HDMI connections on laptops instead of VGA and
>> be rid of the analog horror.
> At least analog can transmit more than 8 bits per component though!
FWIW, hdmi 1.3 supports up to 16 bits per component. And some (even
consumer-level) graphic cards with dual-link dvi also support 10 or 16
bits per component (but are then limited to the same resolutions as if
using single-link dvi with 8 bit per component). I don't know of any
display which would support it, but I'm sure if you have too much money
it exists somewhere...
And I have some doubts about that "more than 8 bit" for analog. In
theory that's true, but the analog circuitry probably often isn't really
up to it (if you're looking at consumer hardware). And if you're looking
at (consumer-grade) lcd screens, the cheap ones all are 6 bit per
component anyway, only the better ones are 8 bit per component.


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