[ANNOUNCE] xserver (1.3 RC3)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Mar 26 22:08:03 PDT 2007

This is the third (and hopefully final) release candidate for xserver

87bbd3f506493a2afeb1efe9b5bbc5caf913566b  xorg-server-
83bd34051d428ae5017623316acf7b25ff55d81e  xorg-server-
b7c61148bf5827f6a220696381bfba15  xorg-server-
e50cdc80ace925d1d8ed40c407a86376  xorg-server-

Keith Packard (15):
      Create driver-independent CRTC-based cursor layer.
      Allow xf86_reload_cursors during server init.
      Don't wedge when rotating more than one CRTC.
      Correct ref counting of RRMode structures
      Remove extra (and wrong) I2C ByteTimeout setting in DDC code.
      Slow down DDC I2C bus using a RiseFallTime of 20us for old monitors.
      Clean up Rotate state on server reset.
      Clear allocated RandR screen private structure.
      Clean up xf86CrtcRec and xf86OutputRec objects at CloseScreen.
      Make sure RandR events are delivered from RRCrtcSet.
      Fix Pending property API, adding RRPostPendingProperty.
      Incorrect extra memory copy in RRChangeOutputProperty.
      Ensure that crtc desired values track most recent mode.
      Make pending properties force mode set. And, remove AttachScreen calls.
      Set version to (1.3 RC3)

Michel Dänzer (8):
      fbdevhw: Consolidate modeset ioctl calling, report failure if it modifies mode.
      fbdevhw: Fix some issues with the previous commit.
      fbdevhw: Use displayWidth for fbdev virtual width when appropriate.
      fbdevhw: Override RGB offsets and masks after setting initial mode.
      fbdevhw: Consider mode set equal to mode requested if virtual width is larger.
      fbdevhw: Only deal with RGB weight if default visual is True- or DirectColor.
      Add per-drawable Xv colour key helper function.
      Bump video driver ABI version to 1.2.

keith.packard at intel.com
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