xorg fails to re-initialize hardware for sessions after the first one

Jens Stroebel dr-xorg at bcsoft.de
Mon Mar 26 06:04:29 PDT 2007


It seems I have a problem with Xorg(git)+xf86-video-intel(git) here.
Xorg is only able to initialize the video hardware once, it seems,
after which it runs into a mismatch (or s.th.) between hardware state
(and messages) and the expectations of the software part.

The former assumes at the time of the second Xorg initialization that
the PipeA (on which in my case the display is attaached) that
PipeA is off, whereas the latter (correctly) assumes that it is on.

I've created a bug on 


for this with logs and config attached.

dr-xorg at bcsoft.de
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