xorg from git: cannot regulate video params in Xv

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Sun Mar 25 22:16:41 PDT 2007

> Le 25.03.2007 14:52:16, Pavel Troller a écrit :
> >Hi!
> >  I have a following problem in the current Xorg from git (master): I
> >cannot
> >regulate contrast/brightness/saturation etc., when using Xv as a video
> >output
> >driver. Typical application which doesn't work is mplayer. Whenever I
> >try to
> >change those values, it draws its scale on the screen, but it's not
> >moving
> >according to the desired action, it's just standing there: the
> >contrast is
> >shown as minimal and the brightness as in the middle. Using -vo x11
> >mplayer
> >option, thus using the standard X11 output instead of Xv, makes the
> >regulation
> >possible again, as well as using my backup Xorg installation
> >(something as
> >7.1). It's using the intel video driver (also from git).
> >  Where the problem could be ? What to try ?
> IIRC, the new intel driver exposes 2 different Xv adaptators: the first  
> one is the textured one (AFAIK it uses the 3D engine and is more  
> flexible) and the overlay which is the "classical" one. And I remember  
> seeing something about the textured Xv missing the code to set the  
> parameters you mentionned.
> HTH, and also if I am completely wrong, I hope someone can correct me  
> ;-)
> Bye
> Manu
  Thanks for your hint. I've searched the intel driver sources and I've found
these two modes there. However, I didn't find, how to select the overlay mode
instead of textured to restore the possibility to set the video parameters.
  It also seemed to me that at least contrast and brightness should be
settable even in the textured mode, but they aren't.
  I've also tried gl and gl2 output drivers in mplayer. gl driver is working
well, but it consumes too much CPU (CPU load about 1.7 on a dual-core machine).
gl2 can also set the video parameters, but it crashes the X server, when a
fullscreen display is attempted.
  Normally I have to adjust brightness and contrast, because most of the movies
I have are too dark and flat with default settings.
  Any further help in this problem would be greatly appreciated!

           With regards, Pavel Troller

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