Usability suggestions for xrandr 1.2

Andreas Schildbach andreas at
Sun Mar 25 06:20:02 PDT 2007

Hi everyone,

I'd like to make some suggestions for dualscreen with xrandr 1.2/Xserver 

1) Currently, if I start Xserver on my notebook, the login and desktop 
initially appears on the external screen only. I think the default 
should always be the internal screen for notebooks, even if it's 
smaller. The user should then be able to extend the desktop to the 
external output, either by hot-plugging or by command.

2) What do you think about center aligning the virtual screens when 
placing them above or below each other?

Example: xrandr --output LVDS --below VGA

currently left aligns the displays, but I tend to believe that nearly 
everyone would place the smaller display horizontally in the center of 
the large one.

Perhaps --align-x left|center|right and --align-y top|center|bottom 
options would make sense, with center being the default for at least 
--align-x? (The default for --align-y would either be bottom or center)



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