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On Fri, 23 Mar 2007 14:08:14 +0100 "Luca Dionisi" <luca.dionisi at>

> On 3/23/07, Felix Bellaby <felix at> wrote:
> > BTW, you seemed to imply earlier that your compositor only shows one
> > maximised window at a time. If this is the case then what useful
> > function is your compositor performing?
> Yeah, I'm curious too.

composited menu popups, other popups (and actually it's 1 main window + a
centered dialog over the main window at any time if there is some
info/alert/error dialog). also it can in theory remove tearing by forcing
updates to sync to vblank (tho on the n800 that's not possible) as well as
reducing redraw artifacts by forcing double-buffering and delayed update etc. :)

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