xv overlay - cinema mode

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Thu Mar 22 09:51:42 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 17:41 +0100, Wesley S. wrote:
> 2007/3/22, Alex Deucher <alexdeucher at gmail.com>:
>         On 3/22/07, Wesley S. <profox at ubuntu-nl.org> wrote:
>         > This question has been running around in my head for months
>         now.
>         >
>         > Is it possible to use xv overlay to play a movie fullscreen
>         on my TV, but 
>         > windowed on my computer? (or even minimized on my computer)
>         > [...]
>         >
>         Just set up dualhead and play the video on one head while you
>         work on
>         the other.  That's all the "cinema" mode does I suspect. 
>         Alex
> Thanks for your answer, Alex. But unfortunately this is not what I am
> looking for.
> It's a workaround, but not a real solution for me.

I think you can do what you're looking for with Mandriva's new
compositing window manager: as it enables you to clone windows, you
could clone your video-out window, and on the one of the screens zoom
until the video is fullscreen, and voilà !

Disclaimer: that's all from what I saw in youtube movies, I've never
tried that window manager, I don't even know if a public beta is
available. But that means that if you know how to code, you can
certainly do it as a plugin with beryl/compiz.


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