Problems with video-intel 1.9.92

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Wed Mar 21 01:23:22 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 23:19 +1200, Andrew McMillan wrote: 
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> Right.  Well I can confirm that setting I9XX_P2_LVDS_SLOW_LIMIT to 90000
> also resolved the problem for me.
> In case it is interesting I've attached a diff of my Xorg log now,
> against the one I attached to my original post.


Since the recent cursor changes in the current tree seem to require
building more than just the driver source, so I tried to select a set
that I thought might be intended to more correctly achieve the same ends
as this in order to see if it might now be working.

The patches I included on top of 1.9.92 were:

 - Move vendor ID check in the utils to after pci_device_probe.
 - Make i830_sdvo_write_sdvox write everything twice.
 - Add debug output for ADPA.
 - Print the mode actually being set per pipe.
 - Attempt to fix single/dual-channel issues on i9xx LVDS panels.

Those are the ones that seemed to me to be vaguely relevant but maybe I
missed something important since it seems I still need to change
I9XX_P2_LVDS_SLOW_LIMIT to 90000 to get a usable display.

The visible effects have changed, however, in that without that change
my display is only obscured by purple vertical lines, rather than the
weird and changing colouration I was seeing before.

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