TV-out support ANYWHERE?

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Tue Mar 20 03:22:10 PDT 2007

> > - Intel cards have a nice open driver, but TV-Out does not work yet.

> TV-Out does work for some cards to some degree with the driver, and it
> also works for the old i810 chipset (which is fully documented) with
> extra programs.

I have a mainboard with an integrated 965G, but not TV-out.
So the only way is via an SDVO card, which is not supported.

> > - Nvidia cards have two driver sets: the closed proprietary binary
> >   nvidia, where everything works (sort of), and the open nv, which can
> >   not use tv-out.
> The open 'nv' can use tv-out with an extra program.

I assume you mean the nvtv project. Unfortunately, it does not seem
to be actively maintained (last release was in 2004.), and it does not
support newer cards. I tested in with a GeForce 7300LE based card,
but it did not recognize it.

> > - Ati cards have two driver sets: the closed proprietary binary
> >   fglrx, where everything works (sort of), the the open ones, which
> >   can not use tv-out.

> AFAIK, ATI cards can also use tv-out with help of an extra program.

I will look into this.

> > So, what hardware does one buy, if he needs TV-out, but he does not
> > want to use proprietary software? Intel, ati and nvidia seem to be
> > out.
> You just buy one of those cards, and use the extra programs.

Actually, I have bought specifically for this purpose
  - a foxconn mainboard with integrated 965G chipset
  - a prolink SDVA card with integrated Chrontel 7312 chipset
  - an ASUS vga card with integrated GeForce 7300LE chipset.

None of these seem to work. (And I an not the type that gives up easily.)

> > Is this really _that_ difficult?
> The problem is that (a) X doesn't contain the infrastructure to handle
> the extra values needed to program the TV encoders, which is why every
> (proprietary) driver cooks up its own set of options to handle TV in a
> somewhat limited way, and (b) graphic card manufacturers don't publish
> their specifications. Complain to the manufacturers.

I understand this. (Thank you for the explanation, thought.)
However, this is _very_ frustrating.


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