TV-out support ANYWHERE?

Torgeir Veimo torgeir at
Tue Mar 20 01:35:47 PDT 2007

On 20 Mar 2007, at 06:16, Csillag Kristof wrote:

> So, what hardware does one buy, if he needs TV-out, but he does not  
> want to use
> proprietary software? Intel, ati and nvidia seem to be out.

The best TV output support hands down on linux is achieved using a  
Matrox G550 with DirectFB. It support field accurate interlaced output.

If you need hardware assisted decoding there's some new support for  
VIA unichrome hardware, see eg. 
index.php/CLE266_MPEG_decoding . Fields accurate decoding is coming  
to this chipset eventually. This is a motherboard integrated solution  
however, so might not fit your requirements.

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