TV-out support in Radeon driver?

Csillag Kristof Csillag.Kristof.ext at
Mon Mar 19 07:54:08 PDT 2007

And how about the open-source Radeon driver?

Does it support TV-out?

(I am looking at an X300 SE (=RV370) -based card,
which is supported by the Radeon driver.)

I could not find any related options in the man of the driver,
but I see a bunch of code in the source handling TV standards, etc.


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Tárgy: Re: TV-out support in NV driver?
On 3/19/07, Csillag Kristof <Csillag.Kristof.ext at> wrote:
> Hi there!
>  Does the NV X driver support TV out? How do I set it up?
>  I can get my PAL tv work with the binary NVIDIA driver,
>  but when I switch to the NV driver, it does not seem to parse
>  options like  "TVOutStandard", so it gives only black & write
>  picture on my TV.
>  (This happens when it gets NTSC signal, instead of PAL.)
>  Is there a way to make this work with the NV driver?

The nv driver does not support TV-out at the moment.  You might be
able to get it working with some of the stuff from the rivatv project.


>  Thank you for your help:
>       Kristof Csillag

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