Xvideo artifacts on Savage w/ X.Org 7.2

Jon Senior jon at restlesslemon.co.uk
Fri Mar 16 02:06:13 PDT 2007

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>The new and exciting problem is when I tried to watch the Elephants
>Dream film. I downloaded the 1024 version (And the HD one, but that's too
>big for my XVideo and runs a little slowly in XSHM) and it plays
>beautifully except for a large pink gradient on the right hand third of the
>screen. This gradient is only rendered to screen and screen captures from
>xine do not include it. It fades in going down the screen until near the
>bottom of the video window it is solid pink.

Further to this I have carried out a few other tests. This only occurs with the XVideo driver. XSHM does not display it, but cannot handle the 1024 video. Upgrading the xine-libe (Was 1.1.2, now 1.1.4) makes no difference. The artifact is also present with MPlayer. In MPlayer, switching from windowed to fullscreen has no effect, but switching from fullscreen back to windowed replaces the one gradient with two, arranged vertically in the place of the original one. This returns to being a single one when you go back to fullscreen and remains as two in the windowed mode.

It does not do this with smaller videos expanded to fullscreen, which implies that it's related to the quantity of data being provided. Does anyone have any links to any other video at this resolution that might be used to test it further?

A full reboot makes no difference.


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