TV output with xrandr - G965, ch7312 SDVO card

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Thu Mar 15 06:31:58 PDT 2007

> Did the  CH7021A SDVO TV output code that Will implemented get merged
> into any of the branches yet?

I have done some additional work on this based on the modesetting branch,
it's been working well for several weeks on my htpc box. It's not complete
yet although I'm sure with a little tweaking it will do what most people
require. I'll try and post the latest code this evening. Not sure if this
will work with the ch7312 but it's probably worth a try, allegedly SDVO TV
should adhere to a standard.


Set TV Out to off by default. 

The TV Out code alters the timings for the selected display mode to match
the preferred input timing for the selected TV Out format. This behaviour is
not desirable unless TV Out is definitely wanted.


Currently I only have vertical sizing working in the case that the vertical
resolution of the selected display mode matches the vertical resolution of
the TV Out format. The available documentation states that vertical sizing
may be altered by adjusting the input timing in multiples of 10 or 20 lines
(interlaced/progressive). The output width is controllable by a SDVO
register and is not subject to these restrictions.

TV Format selection

Currently as a work around the tv format is matched according to the
selected display mode. I've only got 2 currently (720x576 at 50Hz for PAL and
720x576 at 59.94Hz for NTSC), the reasons for the 576 lines for NTSC is because
the vertical sizing would not work at 480 lines (presumably I've some how
got the TV format to be PAL 60?). I use the auto mode for switching playback
according to the stream format.

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