TV output with xrandr - G965, ch7312 SDVO card

Csillag Kristof Csillag.Kristof.ext at
Thu Mar 15 02:59:10 PDT 2007

Hi there!

> We haven't gotten the SDVO TV out stuff working; if you want to give
> this a try, please feel free to ask questions about the register
> settings necessary.

On the 6th of February, before purchasing this motherboard / CPU / SDVO card,
I specifically asked on this list whether this works or not.

(The subject of my mail was:
"Intel 965G - working&supported Add2 card with TV-out/S-video?")
The only response I got was a positive one. (From Nian Wu at Intel)

The possibility of getting video (including 3D and TV-out) working using only open source software
was the main reason why I decided to buy an Intel-based system, instead of and AMD one.

I have spent a lot of extra money and effort because of this.
(I had to order parts from abroad, etc.)

Please, please do not tell me now that this does not and will not work.

  * * *

I am ready to download, compile, install and test some development / experimental code,
but I do not have the time for poking around register settings.

Is there really no hope for me?

    Kristof Csillag

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