issues with dual monitors/second monitor/external monitor

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Wed Mar 14 05:30:30 PDT 2007

Ok, I (largely) figured it out. see below. Note that there is a significant 
(in my case at least) omission in the ubuntuforums HOWTO wrt the nvidia 
1.0-9755 install instructions, and also the corresponding howto has 
an error (and commits the same omission).

[dell d820, nvidia quadro nvs 120m, ubuntu 6.10]


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Ok, I figured it out. thanks for your help. 

some more poking around turned up this page..

HOWTO: Install Latest NVIDIA Display Driver (Directly from Nvidia: current 

Which for the most part is correct, but doesn't mention that this file might 


..but it did on my system. Removing that file was key.

Also, you folks' instructions at..

Installing NVIDIA Linux graphics drivers on recent distributions (FC, Ubuntu, 

..have an error in that they say..

> Alternatively, you can edit the /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules
> configuration file and disable the NVIDIA linux-restricted kernel modules
> (nvidia, nvidia_legacy) via:

However, the correct file to edit (per the ubuntuforums page mentioned above) 
is actually "/etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common".

So following the directions with those two fixes worked for me.




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