Difficulty compiling xorg

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 10:25:58 PDT 2007

On 3/13/07, Fredrik Ohrstrom <oehrstroem at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am following the procedure to compile xorg manually,
> http://wiki.x.org/wiki/CompileXserverManually
> but stumble upon the drm autogen.sh step....
> ----------------------
> configure.ac:28: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_DISABLE_STATIC
>       If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
>       See the Autoconf documentation.
> configure.ac:29: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL
> autoreconf: /usr/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 1

These are standard autoconf macros shipped by libtool. On my system,
they're in /usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4. `autoreconf' calls
`aclocal', which should scan configure.ac and pull in whatever macros
are needed and add them to aclocal.m4 in the current tree.

For some reason, your `aclocal' isn't pulling in these macros and
`autoconf' is failing. Maybe you need to pass some flags or run a
particular `aclocal'. `autoreconf' respects the variable ACLOCAL, so
you can put the correct command in there.


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