[ANNOUNCE] xorg-sgml-doctools-1.2

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Tue Mar 13 09:10:15 PDT 2007

Le Mar 13 mars 2007 07:24, Miles Bader a écrit :
> Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at verizon.net> writes:
>> Very simple reason David.  Its better than no docs at all because they
>> are
>> locked away in some M$ like file format that's at least 50% markup and
>> gibberish to read with a std text viewer.
> That seems like the real problem with docbook -- it's verbose to the
> point of absurdity.

ROTFL. If anything docbook is less verbose than all the other formats,
because the formatting is separated from the content.

Nicolas Mailhot

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