video-intel-1.9.91 fails to initialize local LCD

Drew Parsons dparsons at
Mon Mar 12 23:14:30 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 23:59 +0100, Örjan Ekeberg wrote:
> This seems to be a problem with the Debian package.
> It looks like the Debian specific patch file explicitly removes the
> definition of i830PipeFindClosestMode (but it is still called from one
> remaining place). I had not expected the Debian patches to be so
> invasive.

The use of this symbol was removed in a Xorg git patch made last week
after video-intel-1.9.91 was released, not in a Debian patch.

The fix-up will be applied soon, either in the next rc release or as a
separate patch on the Debian tree.

You can get the fix straight away if you grab latest git from Xorg.


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