video-intel-1.9.91 fails to initialize local LCD

Örjan Ekeberg orjan.ekeberg at
Mon Mar 12 03:07:24 PDT 2007

I have just installed xserver along with video-intel 1.9.91
from the Debian experimental packages on my Dell Latitude D410 with an
Intel 915GM chipset. The local screen on this laptop uses 1024x768.

When I start the xserver with an external monitor (1280x1024 LCD)
connected to the VGA output, both screens show a perfect picture with
the local (smaller) screen only showing the upper left part of the
desktop, as expected. I can also use xrandr to turn off any of the two
screens, etc. DRI does not work which I guess is because of the API
mismatch of DRM as reported in the log. I use the i915 module from
kernel 2.6.21-rc3.

The strange thing is that with no external screen connected to VGA,
the local LCD comes up black and the virtual consoles are showing a
distorted console (unsteady and bottom part is displayed on top of the
rest). If I restart the xserver with VGA connected everything becomes
fine again. I can ever unplug the VGA after starting the xserver and
the local LCD stays fine.

Log files from the two situations can be found here:
My xorg.conf is here:

I have earlier been using the i810-modesetting version dating 20070210 (also
from Debian package) and this was working fine on this machine.


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