xf86-video-i810 1.9.91 (on MacBook 2,1 - Core2Duo)

Rene Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Sun Mar 11 06:27:50 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop my experience with the new intel driver and
xorg-server as well.

As in the other post I did not install the Boot Camp software and
just use rEFIt. But as far as I know the BIOS emulation is included
anyway and rEFIt just does initalize / use it. The Boot Camp software
just is the GUI wizard part running in OS X. So in any case when you
boot via GRUB or LILO you end up with a BIOS. The only way to avoid
the BIOS layer is to boot via elilo. Anyway, I boot via rEFIt/Grub and
this is what I get:

Aside the integrated 1280x800 LCD I have a 1280x1024 Viewsonic
TFT attached via a ordenary VGA cable to the mini-DVI connector.

When I start the latest xorg-server/i810 driver I get a virtual
screen of 1600x1200 and no signal on the mini-DVI.

xrandr -s 1280x800

Allows to switch to 1280x800 so I do not have the virtual screen
I have to pan around.

rene at blackrider:~$ xrandr --verbose
Screen 0: minimum 800 x 600, current 1280 x 800, maximum 1600 x 1200
default connected 1280x800+0+0 normal (normal left inverted right) 0mm x 0mm
        Identifier: 0x4d
        Timestamp:  1092656434
        Subpixel:   horizontal rgb
        CRTC:       0
        CRTCs:      0
  1280x800 (0x4e)   65.5MHz
        h: width  1280 start    0 end    0 total 1280 skew    0 clock   51.2KHz
        v: height  800 start    0 end    0 total  800           clock   64.0Hz
  1152x768 (0x4f)   53.1MHz
        h: width  1152 start    0 end    0 total 1152 skew    0 clock   46.1KHz
        v: height  768 start    0 end    0 total  768           clock   60.0Hz
  1024x768 (0x50)   47.2MHz
        h: width  1024 start    0 end    0 total 1024 skew    0 clock   46.1KHz
        v: height  768 start    0 end    0 total  768           clock   60.0Hz
  832x624 (0x51)   31.2MHz
        h: width   832 start    0 end    0 total  832 skew    0 clock   37.4KHz
        v: height  624 start    0 end    0 total  624           clock   60.0Hz
  800x600 (0x52)   28.8MHz
        h: width   800 start    0 end    0 total  800 skew    0 clock   36.0KHz
        v: height  600 start    0 end    0 total  600           clock   60.0Hz
  1600x1200 (0x53)  122.9MHz
        h: width  1600 start    0 end    0 total 1600 skew    0 clock   76.8KHz
        v: height 1200 start    0 end    0 total 1200           clock   64.0Hz

However I wonder how to get a signal to the external connector
as  that's the screen I used to work with all day.

Log attached - yours,

  René Rebe - ExactCODE GmbH - Europe, Germany, Berlin
  http://exactcode.de | http://t2-project.org | http://rene.rebe.name
  +49 (0)30 / 255 897 45
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