blackscreen with xf86-video-intel-1.9.91

Matthieu Baechler m.baechler at
Sat Mar 10 16:48:43 PST 2007

Le samedi 10 mars 2007 à 13:12 -0800, Keith Packard a écrit :

> > What additional clues could I give you for your diagnostic ?
> The log files you've provided should be sufficient; I can compare them
> with the core 2 duo systems that I have and see if anything jumps out.
> If you were willing, it would be interesting to know whether flashing
> the BIOS with bootcamp solved the problem as other people have managed
> to get things working this way. BootCamp isn't an 'emulation' at all;
> it's a real BIOS for your hardware and converts a proprietary platform
> into an industry standard one through the simple magic of software.

I just give it a try, but that stupid bootcamp requires a single
partition hard drive to start, and I can't just drop my current linux
installation. I'm affraid I won't test bootcamp tonight.

Please tell me if you find something interesting in the logs.

Thanks for your help

Matthieu Baechler <m.baechler at>

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