Ignore laptop LCD when external display present

Ian Pilcher i.pilcher at comcast.net
Sat Mar 10 07:47:07 PST 2007

Ross Burton wrote:
> I have a small script that I've bound to Fn-F8 which does this:
> if xrandr -q | grep -q  "VGA connected"; then
>   xrandr --output LVDS --off --output VGA --mode 1680x1050
> else
>   xrandr --output VGA --off --output LVDS --mode 1024x768
> fi

What version of xrandr are you using?  xrandr -q doesn't print anything
like "VGA connected" on my system when the external LCD is plugged in.
It also doesn't seem to recognize the "--output" switch at all.

If I try "xrandr --size 1280x1024", it complains that that resolution is
not available.

radeon driver limitation?

Thanks for responding!

Ian Pilcher                                         arequipeno at gmail.com

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