Ati FireMV 2400 PCI card

Erwin Rol mailinglists at
Fri Mar 9 16:39:15 PST 2007

Hey all,

I am fighting with a Ati FireMV 2400 PCI (2 M9's with a total of 4
monitors) card to get it to work with DRI. The cards needs a trick to
get it to work, since it is basically two cards in one, the 3rd Device
entry (primary of the second M9 chip) needs  a Option "BiosLocation"
"primary:0xc000". Without DRI the card now works fine.

When I enable DRI the computer will hang hard, i traced it back to the
RADEONRestorePLLRegisters function (the last thing it does is calling
usleep(50000) and then it is gone. But this might just be because in the
usleep there is time for something to go wrong, and might not be related
to the location in the sourcecode.

Now i made two xorg.conf files, one xorg.conf.0 with the device entry
for head 1&2 (the first M9) and one xorg.conf.1 with the device entry
for head 3&4 (the second M9).

I wanted to try if they work separately and to my surprise head 3&4
worked when run on their own. So the card/chip was initialized
correctly. After that i tried;

Xorg :0 vt07 -config xorg.conf.0 &
Xorg :1 vt07 -config xorg.conf.1 &

And to my even bigger surprise that worked two. I got a all 4 screens
working. The mouse of course is in kind of clone mode, but i can start
applications and direct them to :0.0 or :1.0 and they shop up on the
correct monitors.

Now my question , why doesn't it work (hard hang of the machine) when I
try to just use one X server with 2 Screens (both in mergedfb mode)?

Where should i start looking to fix this problem ? Is this more likely
to be a driver or a xserver problem ? Could it be that someone mixes up
the two Screens and that that doesn't happen when it are two separate X



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