Using an Acecad tablet in 7.1.x under Linux 2.6.y

Giuseppe Bilotta giuseppe.bilotta at
Thu Mar 8 13:14:39 PST 2007

Hello all,

I'm not sure this is right mailing list, so feel free to address me to more
appropriate locations.

I have a Medi at com branded Acecad USB tablet, and I'm trying to configure my
system to properly use it.

I'm running a Debian unstable which I update weekly or so. It's currently
running the stock Linux kernel by Debian (2.6.18-4). The tablet is properly
detected by the kernel, the relevant modules are loaded and event and input
devices appear under /dev/input. Usage in console (for little more than
moving the cursor) is satisfactory.

However, I've not yet found a stable and satisfactory configuration fo
that would allow me to use the tablet in X Windows. The provided by
the distribution is version 7.1.0-15, and the relevant input modules are
versions 1.1.0-1 (acecad) and 1.1.2-6 (evdev).

When I use the evdev module, the tablet motion is extremely jerky: I can
configure it as a tablet and pressure works in Gimp, but the jerkiness of
the motion makes it barely usable.

When using the acecad input module, instead, the motion is quite smooth, but
the tablet is not properly detected/initialized (in particular, no pressure
is available. Moreover, the server crashes quite easily when switching to

I'm attaching an log of the trial run with the acecad driver, and my
xorg.conf. The latter is quite a mess, due to the experiments I've been
doing. In particular, the tablet secion has the lines which I used for
evdev commented out, and the layout line that calls that section is also
commented out due because that's how I'm running for the moment (no

Any suggestions/pointers/directions welcome :)

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta
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