[xserver][PATCH] Tablet to screen coordinate translation

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at who-t.net
Wed Mar 7 14:41:33 PST 2007

> Hmm... I couldn't find any scaling code at all in GPE (branch  
> 'master').. Am I
> in the same branch as you?

let's call it cut-off scaling ;)

> Heh.. Ok, I'm just a bit careful making changes that would affect the
> interface to the input drivers. The driver I'm working mostly with
> (linuxwacom) need to support both Xorg and XFree86 so I wouldn't  
> mind if this
> was solved with the current definitions of the structures. But if  
> getting a
> better architecture will need a change, so be it. We'll cope as  
> long as we
> can detect it.

Using devPrivates could probably do it. ugly but wouldn't affect the  
interface. Personally I'd prefer having it in the struct though.


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