[ANNOUNCE] re-port of XDarwin to x.org codebase now available in git

Ben Byer bbyer at apple.com
Tue Mar 6 16:21:49 PST 2007

It's my pleasure to announce that the server-master branch on git now  
supports building XDarwin, XDarwin.app, Xquartz, and X11.app.  The  
code is still alpha-quality, but it is usable for everyday use and we  
need your help to make it better!  Please submit bug reports and  

I've put step-by-step build instructions up here:  http://wiki.x.org/ 

Here's the README file (hw/darwin/README.apple):
This directory contains a port of the XDarwin code to the modular X.org
codebase to be compiled on Darwin/OS X; this would not have been  
without the help of Torrey Lyons and Peter O'Gorman, to whom I am
grateful for their patches, time and moral support.

The server builds 4 targets:

* XDarwin: this server runs on Darwin systems without Quartz
   (i.e. non-OS X); it has not been well-tested.

* XDarwinApp: this builds XDarwin.app, which is a full X server using
   Quartz.  It has loadable module support for AGL and CGL, and well as
   fullscreen and rootless support.

* Xquartz: this server runs on Quartz-based systems, and is meant to
   work with X11.app

* x11app: this builds a version of Apple's X11.app using patches by
   Torrey Lyons; most, but not all, functionality of Apple's original
   X11.app is present in this release.

Known issues:

* AGL and CGL support for 3D indirect acceleration does not work;
   indirect.c has been rewritten, but not yet integrated into this  
source tree.

* Fullscreen mode does not work; I don't know why.

* Some features in X11.app are not yet implemented; these are marked
   with #ifdef DARWIN_DDX_MISSING in the code.

* The build system code could probably be cleaned up slightly.

Any patches or code contributions would be most welcome and may be
sent to me at bbyer at apple.com.

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