Feedback from latest Intel drivers / xserver

Wang Zhenyu at
Mon Mar 5 19:52:41 PST 2007

On 2007.03.06 14:37:43 +0000, Daniel Kasak wrote:
> Next, I tried running 'xcompmgr -Ff' ( with EXA enabled ). This turned
> out to be an order of magnitude slower than with XAA, which is actually
> usable on this integrated chip ( i845G ).
> ...
> After rebooting, I've tried starting Enlightenment with the XRENDER
> engine ( I can't get into it to set it back to software ), and it does
> the same thing each time. I assume EXA / XRENDER isn't complete / stable
> yet?

exa on i8XX chips is known broken now, I've reworked it, and now still debugging.
I'll push it soon.  

> At this point I should also mention that each time I had an xserver
> crash, I had to reboot before I could start X again, otherwise I'd get:
>  ... and it would immediately crash again.

yeah, that means graphics engine is down, you have to reboot to reset it. 

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