Bugs in xf86-video-intel 1.9.91 (2.0 RC1)

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Mar 5 13:56:34 PST 2007

> Keith Packard wrote:
> > Known regressions: i830 and i855 LVDS do not work.
> And much more doesn't work :)
> I've tested some snapshots of modesetting branch without success on
> Intel DG965WH motherboard with connected LCD monitor Samsung 173s and
> with ADD2 card Prolink PV-CH7315(N16TS)-F (nothing connected to card).
> Now I've tried this release and still no success :(
> When starting with ADD2 card inserted into MB (still nothing conneted to
> it) I've only get blank screen and monitor switched off.
> When starting X without ADD2 card I'm only able to get 1024x768 instead
> of 1280x1024. Even when I edit xorg.conf and set monitor refresh and
> modelines, all are ignored. Below is link to log from X starting.
> http://aflinta.dyndns.org/~aflinta/Xorg.0.log.bz2
The same here.
  It's 945G here, and EDID doesn't work. Monitor section of xorg.conf is
totally ignored. Where are the default monitor data ? I'm going to patch
them to allow my monitor to work at 1600x1200 as obviously.
  BTW there are many threads in this list complaining just about this
problem, and there were never any attempts (AFAIK) to find a real cause
and solution. I think EDID doesn't work here even with the old driver,
this is the reason for which I have the monitor data carefully filled in
xorg.conf. Why they are ignored by the new driver ?
                                           With regards, Pavel Troller

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