FireMV 2400 again

Erwin Rol mailinglists at
Mon Mar 5 05:47:56 PST 2007

Hey all,

My FireMV 2400 project is back again, after i got 2D working i now have
to get DRI (and 3D) working. 

The 2D only worked with a patch i wrote and that can be found in 

That patch is still needed for Xorg 7.2 because else the second display
doesn't work. For example it Xorg thinks it has some random amount (like
1 MB) of video ram, and as soon as you move the mouse to screen 3 or 4
the system hangs hard.

With the patch 2D is working fine, but DRI causes the system to crash
again. So my patch did not cause the second M9 chip to initialize
correctly after all. 

Now the idea, since both chips are exactly the same and have the same
hardware connected, would it be possible to copy all configuration
registers from one chip to the other ? Or is the order to important for
this to work ?

Any help, info or comments and welcome.



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