[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 1.9.91 (2.0 RC1)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Mar 4 21:34:36 PST 2007

This release contains native modesetting and RandR 1.2 support.

Known regressions: i830 and i855 LVDS do not work.

a29358e73936dd531ba19c5556be9ebd  xf86-video-intel-1.9.91.tar.bz2
d5f25c18d47b91344a16711531daf7d1  xf86-video-intel-1.9.91.tar.gz
13393de2a4a232904da6e2134a9fb444ffa8bcd4  xf86-video-intel-1.9.91.tar.bz2
de1153c5f8a3d737e8117cfe73fc040441e9d24c  xf86-video-intel-1.9.91.tar.gz

Adam Jackson (5):
      Fix a thinko; would only inject the FP native mode if a mode list was already
      In I830xf86SortModes, catch cases where two modes are equal in only one
      Fix a braino in mode list pruning.
      Add model-specific tweaks for some funky 945GM boards.
      Expand the check for AOpen Mini-PC.

Alan Hourihane (3):
      fix typo
      Fix a problem creating the I2C bus for the SDVOC
      Fix a build problem.

Daniel Stone (2):
      Respect the srcdir.
      add missing files to fix distcheck

Dave Airlie (11):
      cleanup sDVO for device on C only
      correct height parameter in sdvo packet
      fix type 0 instead of O
      move sdvo output setting
      add sdvo capability reading support
      fixup I830SDVOGetActiveInputs to use return values not args
      ch7xxx: add lookup table for name
      Use correct variable to initialize DVO I2C bus.
      fix building with 7.1 server by hiding stuff inside RANDR_12_INTERFACE
      ch7xxx: fix output detection as per datasheet, have no DVI to test this.
      ch7xxx: actually power up the chip around connection detection

Eric Anholt (396):
      Initial add of native CRT modesetting code.
      Move .cvsignore to .gitignore
      Add the manpage's possible names when generated.
      Change an if statement to a more obvious but equivalent case statement.
      Add untested save/restore code, and starting on not using VBEValidateModes
      Replace a few magic numbers with symbolic names. Reviewed by md5.
      Always ErrorF output debugging info when doing BIOS calls, including file/line.
      Remove more VBE stuff and start using xf86ValidateModes. Guessed some params to
      Remove the hacked local xf86SetModeCRTC now that xf86SetCrtcForModes is taking
      Add adjustments of PLL divisor limits for "Almador".
      Add untested CRT detection code.
      Write the ADPA (CRTC) register on mode setup. Obtained from airlied.
      Move LVDS panel power state setting to a separate function, and reduce magic
      Enable -Wall on GCC, and do a cleanup of existing warnings.
      Re-disable chatty debug code.
      Disable I830VESASetVBEMode on restore, since I've removed that code. Note that
      Clean up a couple of warnings.
      Start making i830SetMode aware of multiple pipes.
      Replace I830VESASetMode with simpler i830SetMode, which is all native and
      Start implementing support for setting modes for multiple output devices,
      Correct capitalization of i830SetMode.
      Move display base setting to a separate function and use it from both mode setup
      It appears from the specs that you have to wait for vblank after disabling the
      Use DISPPLANE_32BPP_NO_ALPHA for depth 24, else the empty alpha channel results
      Fix prototype for i830DetectCRT.
      Turn off panel power before poking pipe B, and turn it back on if we're doing
      Include config.h, fixing many issues with reading from pI830.
      Remove some dead VBE code.
      Change the order of reg writes for restore, possibly increasing chances of
      Add more integrated LVDS support code.
      Add some untested debugging code to for helping figure out VT switch issues.
      Add missed save/restore of DSP*SIZE registers.
      Make the reg-snapshot code work, add a couple more registers, and use it on VT
      Add a couple more bits to panel auto-fitting, though it isn't working yet.
      Move the PFIT enabling before the enabling of the pipe, as the specs say we
      Add some register information for VGACNTRL, and do the reg-debug thing on it.
      Add enough of airlied's DDC/I2C work to pull EDID info from my CRT.
      Update to newer airlied DDC code, and do some cleanups as well. Now tries DDC
      Save/restore a couple of important VGA plane registers, and have vgahw
      Start interpreting VBT information with the goal of pulling out LVDS timings
      Add more VBT reading, so we find the panel size.
      Make auto panel fitting work by pulling LVDS timing EDID info out of the static
      Remove some VBE DDC code that I believe is OBE.
      Port code from radeon driver for panel mode validation, which will hopefully get
      Fill in clock information from VBT table, so that a good clock value gets
      Clean up (and I believe fix a couple of bugs in) the divisor selection code.
      Remove more BIOS modesetting stuff.
      Remove the now-unused displaySize and pipeDisplaySize.
      Remove more BIOS stuff, particularly Get/SetDisplayDevices. Now, if there's no
      Remove the hacky-looking Set640x480. I'll be removing things it depends on
      Turn off the VGA plane when we're setting our native modes.
      Remove BIOS save/restore code, fixing VT switching. Removes some other dead
      Don't try to use LVDS by default on chipsets that won't have an LVDS attached.
      Warnings cleanup.
      Remove the int10 POST on EnterVT.  It has been reported to cause crashes now,
      Improve LVDS modes when outputting a CRT+LVDS combo at larger than the LVDS's
      Add missing MIT copyright licenses, which should have been on all versions.
      Automatically enable clone mode if we detect two active outputs.
      Initial support for pre-i915 PLL programming. Untested.
      Check for LVDS BIOS tables exactly once at startup.  While there, dump the BIOS
      Add a standalone program for parsing VBT.
      Bug #6589: Use alternate offsets to successfully get at the panel data for
      Disable the BIOS dump-to-file since it's a trivial local DOS, and I can just ask
      Remove some dead code and one particularly useless debug printf.
      Use the IS_I9XX macro intead of >= i915G, since by PCI ID number, 855GM > 915.
      Start bringing in some SDVO code, mostly from airlied.
      Add more SDVO code.  It's taken from airlied's driver, but with magic numbers
      Whine if SDVO I2C device init fails, rather than be silent.
      Clean up SDVO initialization, include config.h, and make it check the right
      Merge branch 'lukas-resume'
      Simplify the i2c code by using the GetBits/PutBits interface rather than
      Set displayWidth to a sufficient value for the modes we come up with for LVDS.
      Start trying to implement DDC over SDVO.  It's slightly tricky because the
      Only write out as many arguments as the commands need, and fix up the numbers in
      Clean up some argument passing, and remove extra SetTarget{In,Out}Puts that had
      Start trying to save/restore SDVO state on VT switches.
      Save/restore the output's SDVO reg.  Note that we might be programming the other
      Correct some SDVO-related register definitions.
      Commit what applied from Jesse Barnes's i830-exa-latest.patch.
      Get it to compile.
      Update to EXA 2.0 API.
      Stop doing the BIOS memory size tweaking now that we don't ask the BIOS about
      Use xf86int10Addr() when calculating an address to read the video BIOS from, out
      Merge branch 'master' into modesetting
      Fix DRI in EXA mode: Don't attempt to use XAA symbols (use the driver's internal
      Fix crash with EXA during randr, when XAA structures were being accessed.  EXA
      Add debugging info for pipe/display plane size.
      Remove dead DisplayInfo option.
      Add CRT detection function by testing for load, and clean up hotplug version.
      Add support for CRT detection using DDC.
      Only default to enabling CRT or LVDS output if they're actually detected.
      Add #if 0-ed code I've been using for CRT detection debugging.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Add decoding of SDVO command names for debug output.
      Fix SDVO output at low pixel clocks.
      Detect SDVO display presence at startup and default to displaying to it, too.
      Move FP mode validation next to other mode validation code.
      Split probed modes out per pipe, and union them into the available modes.
      WIP to allow re-probing and validation of modes for new heads at "xrandr" time.
      Major cleanup of mode reprobing:
      Unset pipe current mode on EnterVT, so we reprogram the mode for sure.
      Fix DDC probing after last (untested) commit.
      Add a function to turn off unused outputs, DPLLs, planes, and pipes.
      Fix FP scaling by using the desired mode to get at the real [HV]Display.
      Fix the plane/pipe disabling and turn off missing outputs when no longer DDCed.
      Merge branch 'master' into modesetting
      Clean up warnings.
      Fix build with new EXA headers.
      Merge branch 'master' into exa
      Fix remaining warning.
      Fix randr current mode reporting and mode loss/mis-configuration on re-randr.
      If the panel power registers are all zeroes on Mobile parts, disable LVDS.
      Replace xf86ValidateModes usage with a set of custom validators and pruning.
      Validate and insert user and VESA standard modes for DDC or configured fallback.
      Replace i830InjectModes with i830DuplicateModes usage.
      Only override display size with the XFree86 mode's for actual panel scaling.
      Bug #7375: Don't double-free the current XF86 mode after a randr reprobe.
      More fixes to "choose closest mode for the pipe" code to select correct refresh.
      Don't try to probe modes on an SDVO device with NULL sdvo_drv.
      Initial add of DVO support code.  Probes my sil164.
      Improve output bus setup to include LVDS setup for pre-i915.
      Supply proper NULL-terminated symbol lists to avoid crashing.
      Merge branch 'dvo-merge' into modesetting
      Fix validation when the first mode is thrown out, and print hsync in modelines.
      Fix modelist with a configured monitor to not begin with all unvalidated modes.
      Make DVO code light up my sil164-based DVI output, when already set up by BIOS.
      Move to 4-space indents in sil164.
      Fix prototype for SaveRegs.
      Hook up SiI164 mode setting (just a matter of turning the chip on).
      Clean up warnings in sil164 module.
      Fix crash with DDC when there are no user modes to add.
      Bug #7443: Respect the user's Modes configuration, and make it more useful.
      Avoid NULL dereference if cursor position changes during a mode change.
      Don't try to probe on more pipes than we really have.
      Add a register restore implementation so we don't crash on LeaveVT.
      Bug #7404: Only save/restore VGA fonts and not other VGA regs.
      Merge branch 'master' into exa
      Replace hand register setting with new i915 fragmet program API.
      Correct the DWORD count of several 3D instructions.
      The map bits per pixel must come from the drawable, not the visible screen.
      Add a trailing MI_NOOP to frag shader output for alignment if necessary.
      Force texture alpha channels to 1 if not present.
      Fix the alignment padding fix (didn't bump BEGIN_LP_RING count).
      Fix the texture map pitch setting as documented, and as used by the 3d driver.
      The height and width of texture maps are one more than the programmed values.
      The vertex data are all floats, so write the dest coords as floats.
      The pixmap's drawable x/y coordinates are always 0, so don't bother using them.
      Try to fix up the basic RepeatNormal and RepeatNone support.
      Move ss6 setting with other immediate state, and ensure that stencil is off.
      Use MT_8BIT_A8 so PICT_a8 expands to (0,0,0,a) not (a,a,a,a)
      Disable drawing to PICT_a8, and turn on support for non-extended repeats.
      Replace some OUT_RING(0)s with OUT_RING(MI_NOOP) to remind me why they're there.
      Oops, partial revert of last commit.  Some were obviously not NOOPS.
      Fix a couple of typos from code review.
      Fix hangs when compositing with a mask.
      Limit drawing to the destination pixmap's boundaries, not the screen's.
      Whitespace cleanup.
      Move MAPSURF_XBIT settings into the texture formats structure.
      Remove a debug printf.
      Remove the UTS/DFS implementations that just match the fallback versions.
      Re-remove xf86_ansic.h, and move copyright to the top of the file.
      Remove another debug printf.
      Merge branch 'exa-origin' into exa
      Remove xf86_ansic.h usage.
      Replace duplicated sync code in exa with a call to I830Sync.
      Replace a couple of mis-uses of the screen's bpp when the pixmap's was needed.
      Add a note on maxX/maxY for the 2D rendering.
      Add a compile flag to enable syncing after each operation in EXA.
      shader program fix for component alpha set
      Remove empty SAVERESTORE_HWSTATE code.
      Remove unused display{Attached,Present} fields.
      Remove the no-longer-connected VBERestore option.
      Remove the GetDevicePresence BIOS call which just printed BIOS information.
      Remove some dead code related to clock ranges.
      Restructure i830_bios.c so we don't leak a copy of the BIOS per generation.
      Attempt to make the ACPI hotkey support a little more modesetting-compatible.
      Merge branch 'acpi-hotkey' into modesetting
      Merge branch 'randr-1.2' into modesetting
      Re-disable broken load-based CRT detection.
      Merge branch 'master' into modesetting
      Move cursor base address register setting to a separate function.
      Move the save, restore, and DPMS per-output settings to per-output files.
      Give each output type an init method in its file, making other methods static.
      Remove checks for output privates in various bits of code.
      Move per-output mode setting code to per-output methods.
      Add a function for describing the output connection configuration.
      Fix LVDS restore path, and move pipe assignment for outputs to the right place.
      Only disable the output when marked disabled.
      Add a per-output mode-valid method.
      Add work-in-progress integrated TV-out support.
      Merge branch 'overhaul' into modesetting
      Clean up SDVO code, moving the private structure internal and cleaning up caps.
      Nuke trailing whitespace in SDVO code not already cleaned up.
      Clean up the SDVO code.
      Move LVDS initialization and blacklisting damage to the LVDS support file.
      Remove disabled I830DetectMonitorChange().
      Remove dead memsize reporting.
      Move vbeInfo out of the driver struct to the one place it's used.
      Don't write unused values beyond the end of scale_units array.
      Note alignment requirement for i915 3D (texturing).
      Major cleanup of 3D invariant state, fixing hangs with rotation and render.
      Clean up whitespace in i830_randr.c.
      Return and use valid status bits for i830_sdvo_get_trained_inputs().
      Use the new fields for SDVO pixel multiply on the G965.
      Remove SetPipeAccess and now-unnecessary VBE reinit.
      Warning fix.
      Remove GetBIOSVersion().
      Remove some dead code from BIOS modesetting.
      Fix many inconsistencies in the SDVO code compared to the spec.
      i830SetLVDSPanelPower is now a static function in i830_lvds.c, so remove it.
      Move output connection detection to a per-output method.
      Connect output detection up to RandR.
      Add compat definitions for M_T_PREFERRED and M_T_DRIVER for older X Servers.
      Give each output a get_modes function and expose those modes through RandR.
      Update for the move of RandR phyiscal size information.
      Move mode lists from per-pipe to per-output.
      Attempt to pull monitor physical size information out of DDC EDID data.
      Remove the refresh rate appended to some mode names.
      Remove dead VESARec struct.
      Remove dead specifiedMonitor field.
      Add airlied's I2C code, ifdeffed out.
      Remove duplicated register defs that were just added.
      Fix a pasteo in I965 register restore.
      Don't memset the modes pointer on init, which was dereferencing NULL.
      Print out modelines as info, not error (which had been used for debugging).
      Add support for load-based CRT detection.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Report pipe status (and status mismatches) in i830DescribeOutputConfiguration()
      Move PFIT_CONTROL disable for G965 up before post_set_mode.
      Restore PFIT_CONTROL before turning the LVDS back on in the restore method.
      Fix i830DisableUnusedFunctions after pipe structure change.
      Go back to only setting up outputs that have a display connected.
      Clean up i830_crt_detect_load() a bit more.
      Change the output and pipe "is it on/off" field name to "enabled".
      Expose the DDC-probed EDID data as the EDID_DATA output property.
      Fill in some of the high bits of mode timings for SDVO.
      Fix clock range for single-channel LVDS.
      Disable setup of the second SDVO device until we fix it.
      Enable the LVDS if we find it and assign it to a pipe (oops).
      Merge branch 'master' into modesetting
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Re-indent ch7xxx driver.
      Reduce the severity of many informational log messages.
      Postpone SDVO DDC bus creation until we've detected the SDVO device.
      Replace custom DDC mode list code with a copy of the X Server's.
      Remove printing of the XFree86 screen mode list, and some other detritus.
      sparse cleanups (use NULL instead of 0 for pointers)
      Conditionally compile old-server compatibility code in.
      Revert "Don't allocate stuff in the first 256K of video memory (GATT?)"
      Properly detect the GTT size on the G965.
      Merge branch 'exa' of ../xf86-video-intel into modesetting
      Add debug code for the bit-banging I2C implementation.
      Preserve some GPIO bits that the docs tell us to.
      Tristate the clock/data pins during GPIO when released while getting values.
      Add the [ax]4r4g4b4 source picture formats.
      Don't try to write the read-only PP_STATUS register.
      Fix copy'n'paste-o from restructure-outputs that resulted in crashes.
      WIP code to move mode set sequencing to XFree86 handlers.
      Move reg dump from i830PipeSetMode to after we set up the modes with RandR.
      Add a bunch of per-register debug code to i830DumpRegs().
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Fix copy'n'paste-o of the ordering of h/v fields in DSP[AB]SIZE.
      Fix ordering of PIPE[AB]SRC debug output to be (x, y).
      Fix LVDS fixed mode code after generic-mode-set.
      Add missing newlines to new debug output.
      More LVDS fixed mode fixing: use the EDID DTD's blank length.
      Fix LVDS: Don't change bits in LVDS other than port enable/pipe select.
      Merge branch 'generic-mode-set' into modesetting
      Save/restore more TV registers.
      Remove stale i830_tv_pre_set_mode. Replaced by generic dpms hook call.
      Save/restore registers around calls in PreInit with register side-effects.
      Reduce dumpregs to X startup, after a mode set, and LeaveVT.
      Harmless warning fix.
      Include render.h to get SubPixelUnknown define.
      Add error messages for previous silent DRI initialization failures.
      Remove dead remnants of old clone mode support.
      Remove remnants of old savedCurrentMode hack.  Man, that was gross.
      Move the overlay mode switch status updates to when we enable/disable crtcs.
      Add a hack for DDC on my Mac Mini.
      More debugging output for SDVO.
      Set the SDVO port to on before sending the SDVO output on command.
      Move PrintErrorState and CheckInheritedErrors code to i830_debug.c.
      Extend the error state reporting to cover ESR and decode PGTBL_ERR for 945.
      Move the SDVO sync detection to after we've turned the port on.
      Flush the plane changes in i830_crtc_dpms()
      Fix mac mini SDVO output: write the SDVO[BC] enabled register state twice.
      Replace custom, partially broken DPMS implementation with a generic one.
      Correct typo in mac mini hack, and return modes when the hack is unnecessary.
      Add some caution with PCI write posting and DPLL delays to i830_crtc_dpms.
      Add magic double-write of the dpll register to fix mac mini cold boot.
      Bug #8786: Treat pictures with no color data as non-component alpha.
      Move the ch7xxx code to the style I've been settling on for output code.
      Add save/restore to ch7xxx to avoid segfaults on server start.
      Fix DVO mode valid function to not throw out all modes.
      Clean up a bunch of log noise from ch7xxx startup.
      Align the driver to the CH7009[AB] spec.
      Limit modes to 165Mhz on CH7009, according to spec.
      Clean up i2c_vid interface, including de-StudlyCapsing and removing dead code.
      Fix crash in xf86SetScrnInfoModes when pScrn->modes ends up empty.
      Add a detect() function for DVO chips, and implement it on sil164.
      Simplify i830DisableUnusedFunctions() by using the CRTC dpms routines.
      Disable configure-disabled outputs before mode setting.
      Only erase curMode in i830DisableUnusedFunctions when the CRTC is disabled.
      Remove 8k framebuffer stride restriction on 965.
      Bug #9382: Save the CRTC's desired mode in the old RandR 1.0 mode set path.
      Bug #7524: Major improvements to EXA/XAA static memory allocation.
      Move 965 textured-video out to a separate file.
      reformat i965_video.c to 4-space indents, 80 columns, no trailing whitespace.
      Replace XAA mark/waitsyncs with the XAA/EXA wrappers.
      Make the assert() in i965_video.c actually work and expose an error.
      Bump the size of the extra space for 965 so it actually fits.
      Fix discrepancy between XAA/EXA linear allocations that broke EXA XV.
      debugging for location of various 965 textured-video state.
      Fix operator precedence issue that stuck 965 t-v state into the front buffer.
      Remove the nasty #define away of ErrorF in i830_video.c.
      Move dvo driver detection into i830_dvo_init(), and use GPIOB for LVDS drivers.
      Reformat the DVO drivers table to be a bit more normal style.
      Add WIP IVCH (i82807aa) driver.
      Add WIP CH7017 LVDS driver.  This is disconnected because it's untested.
      Draw textured video to the backing pixmap in the composited case.
      In EXA mode, force backing pixmaps into memory when doing XV to them.
      Remove 8MB/32MB default VideoRam limits.
      Relax tiling requirements on G965.
      Add per-CRTC gamma control support for RandR.
      Replace broken PCI resource size detection with pciGetBaseSize() call.
      Correct typo resulting in a crash with ivch.  = != ==.
      EXA: Wait for sync before we set up new state in our static state buffers.
      Correct x/y/pitch limitations in several cases, and detail them in i830_exa.c.
      Don't limit cachelines to a vertical of 2048, and increase default allocation.
      Bug #8845: Unify all our XV ports to 1920x1088 maximum size.
      Restore legacy overlay size limits, due to card hangs at larger sizes.
      EXA: Use PRIM3D_RECTLIST instead of TRIFAN so we don't get diagonal tearing.
      Add a settable backlight property for LVDS.
      Set all CRTCs' allowable rotations when xf86RandR12SetRotations() is called.
      Fix some segfaults: crtc->rotatedPixmap not set and dangling damage pointer.
      Allocate per-crtc rotation buffers and hook up RandR 1.2 per-CRTC rotation.
      Fix broken last-minute change in determining whether we're rotated or not.
      Merge branch 'modesetting' into modesetting-rotation
      Store fixed values, not integers, in the transformation matrix.
      Disable the clipping for now, since it won't work.
      Update CRTC values first so they can be used by the driver in mode setting.
      Fix transformation matrices for rotation at 90 and 270 degrees.
      Partially deal with cursor rotation.
      Allocate separate cursor memory per CRTC and rotate cursors appropriately.
      Replace the custom SaveScreen function with a generic function calling DPMS.
      Warning fix.
      Fix a possible failure to misalign video allocation in XAA.
      Make rotated shadow buffer allocation dynamic.
      Bug #9680: Remove bogus blank length limiting in xf86SetModeCrtc().
      Remove dead code to undo the damage of xf86SetModeCrtc() blank limiting.
      Restore a few important lines from 89ace3e81fe72075b1709b073c05532f13b7f0d1
      Simplify EXA acceleration transform handling.
      Fix accelerated Render transformations.
      Add an accelerated path for rotation Render operations in XAA.
      Remove custom accelerated rotation code now that it's all done through Render.
      Move the render code to non-EXA-specific filenames.
      Naming and formatting cleanup in Render acceleration code.
      Fix copy-and-paste-o in the render code cleanup that broke XAA.
      Sync before overwriting Render acceleration state on the 965.
      Bug #9819: Add two headers that are apparently necessary on older X Servers.
      Remove some more dead options.
      Improve register debugging output.
      Fix bad offsets in "right" rotation of the CRTC in cursor and update handling.
      Add subpixel offsets to fix accelerated rotated rendering on i915.
      Fix comments on 965 pitch alignment restrictions.
      Remove dead #if 0-ed structure.
      Attempt to detect panel fixed mode from EDID or current programmed mode.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Fix double free in the case of LVDS disabled through quirks.
      Bug #9941: ViewSonic VX2025wm sync polarity quirk to fix mode distortion.
      Switch the RECTLIST vertex order to (x2, y2), (x1, y2), (x1, y1).
      Detect core clock frequencies, to avoid double-wide mode when possible.
      Print the correct meaning of bit 30 of pipeconf for 965 in debug output.
      Reformat to 4-space indents, no trailing whitespace, and 80 columns.
      Rework the video memory allocation.
      Fix fence allocations on 965.
      Move memory allocation to ScreenInit rather than PreInit.
      Improve logging of memory allocation passes, and clean the code up a bit.
      Always allocate logical_context, since we use it in emitting invariants.
      Fix a crash in startup monitor detect.
      Fix some texture memory allocation issues.
      Fix physical memory allocations, including description in log.
      Bug #9604: Align the sizes of allocations to page increments as well.
      Move the initial EnterVT to after we've set up acceleration.
      Fix XV issues on 965 after the allocation rework
      Consolidate shared structure allocation to the start of ScreenInit.
      Many fixes to mode_get, mode_set, clock limits, and register dumps on i855.
      Add a non-installed command line tool using libpciaccess to dump registers.
      Actually add the files for reg_dumper.
      Fix a crash when an ARGB cursor allocation had failed.
      Move EXA offscreen memory back after framebuffer to avoid fallbacks.
      Add a WIP UploadToScreen implementation.  This almost displays right.
      Add a little BIOS dumper program.
      Use -f for ln of server source. Otherwise, changing paths didn't take effect.
      Fix a crash with XAA and DRI disabled after the allocation rework.

Gary Wong (1):
      Bug #9550: Add a quirk for too-high clock from EDID on the EN-7100e.

Jesse Barnes (2):
        Various sparse cleanups:
      More sparse cleanups:

Joshua J. Berry (1):
      Include i830.h to get M_T_* compat defines for older X Servers.

Keith Packard (181):
      autodetect LVDS dither. Fix 16bpp depth selection
      Merge in master to modesetting
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Save/restore PFIT_CONTROL. Eliminate compiler warnings
      Video overlay gamma bounds checking must be done bytewise.
      Get sDVO output working on mac mini.
      Add backlight control to DPMS logic.
      Set vblank interrupt configuration to match pipe configuration
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Disable spread spectrum clock usage.
      verbose debug message for panel sync data
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Update driver for RandR 1.2 X server API.
      Merge branch 'modesetting' into randr-1.2
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Merge branch 'modesetting' into randr-1.2
      Consistently use Cursor A on Pipe 0 and Cursor B on Pipe 1.
      Make planeEnabled track pipes controlled by randr.
      Remove BIOS from non-BIOS related names.
      Construct default monitor description for hotplug non-DDC monitor.
      Oops, duplicated CRT-redetect code.
      Always register list of modes for outputs, even when disabled.
      Enable XV_PORT attribute even when not in Clone mode.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Add mode origins for randr
      Merge branch 'modesetting-guitar' into modesetting
      Remove mode origins, add preferred mode count.
      Fix DPI at startup in RandR 1.2 code.
      Don't require MonitorLayout when two monitors are plugged in.
      Compute LVDS resolution from server DPI and native panel size.
      Advertise textured video adapter first
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      ch7xxxSaveRegs receives real type instead of void *
      Add a few more registers from the 965 spec
      Dump more registers for debug purposes
      Add another couple of new registers
      Disable the panel fitter when not using it. Cleans up SDVO DVI output.
      set the v_sync_off_high to zero. XXX should check docs
      Create I830PipeRec to hold pipe-specific data. Remove unused I830 members.
      Use VBE only temporarily to fetch BIOS rom image
      Oops, martian memset of randr modes pointer
      Finish removing persistant vbe data
      Use pI830->availablePipes instead of MAX_DISPLAY_PIPES everywhere
      Eliminate operatingDevices member and PIPE_* values.
      Rename availablePipes to num_pipes
      Move remaining pipe mode setting logic to i830PipeSetMode
      Avoid crashing when disabling sdvo output. XXX
      Fix CRT output on 965 chipset.
      Don't allocate stuff in the first 256K of video memory (GATT?)
      DSPSURF must be page aligned. Place intra-screen offset in DSPBASE.
      Use pI830->availablePipes instead of MAX_DISPLAY_PIPES everywhere
      Eliminate operatingDevices member and PIPE_* values.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-keithp' into modesetting
      Adapt to RandR updates that split object creation from screen association.
      ignore edited man page
      Create RandR 1.2 objects in I830PreInit.
      Inverted boolean sense when selecting pipe for CRT detection.
      Remove output options. Let outputs be connected to other crtcs.
      RandR-based initial output configuration.
      Don't dereference null DisplayModePtr on disabled output.
      Preliminary 945 TV output. Color key is broken. Fixed mode.
      Fix TV color key.
      Enable second SDVO channel.
      Set configured values for screen virtual size and initial frame.
      Limit DRI use to cases when pitch < 8Kbytes, not 4096 pixels.
      Set up maximum screen size for clone instead of panorama.
      Note which pipe has failed to be configured for VBlank interrupt
      Remove custom configuration code (which was #ifdef'd out).
      Start output/crtc restructuring work. It compiles.
      Clean up reworked data structure code so the server actually starts.
      Remove mode setting from load detect CRTC allocation.
      Move crtc/output config to sub-structure.
      Move #include "randrstr.h" from i830.h to i830_xf86Crtc.h
      Driver-independent code tracks num_crtc itself, don't do it in driver.
      Rename I830 randr functions to xf86 as they are becoming generic.
      Merge branch 'restructure-outputs-origin' into restructure-outputs
      Oops. Don't try to use xf86RandR names, use xf86RandR12 instead.
      Merge branch 'restructure-outputs' into modesetting.
      When CRTC is disable through RandR, the mode is NULL. Don't dereference it.
      Do output detection before any crtc allocation.
      Leave detected TV status alone when no free CRTC is available.
      TV output exists on all 9xx chips except for 915G
      DOUBLE_WIDE mode for high pixel clock 8xx. Rewrite PLL search.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Re-create RandR Crtc/output structures on server regen.
      fix up misleading comment in i830_crt.c about border register
      Capture VGA registers sooner so checks are more informative
      new server APIs are not in server-1.2 (version
      Use xf86 structures for default config instead of RandR.
      Merge branch 'modesetting' into nonrandr-setup
      Clean up SDVO multiplier debug output
      Cannot modify DPLL register in output mode_set function.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Use DOUBLE_WIDE mode on all hardware.
      Move vga restore to end of RestoreHWState.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Elide duplicate modes in pScrn->monitor.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Write dpll_md register while updating dpll as that appears to be required.
      Rename outputs to TMDS-1/TMDS-2, LVDS, TV and VGA.
      Auto-detect working TV output by checking TV regs functionality.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Move xf86CrtcConfig to ScrnInfo private.
      Change TV modes from Preferred to Driver.
      Set frame buffer size ranges in xf86_config.
      Respect Virtual in xorg.conf
      Turn pll/pipe/plane on in crtc_set_mode
      Follow BIOS PLL write protocol (disable,enable,enable).
      reorder restore writes for 965 VGA
      Follow BIOS order in writing DPLL/DPLL_MD registers.
      Not restoring active outputs. Wait for input sync before enabling outputs.
      Prefer earliest CRTC when mapping to outputs.
      Follow mode setting order in RestoreHWState.
      Writing 1 to I2C line means to tristate the bus so others can manipulate it.
      Turn on dithering for 915 textured video
      Align textured video dither matrix to window
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Re-initialize physical screen size only if -dpi was passed.
      TV output I830OutputPrivate had wrong type (crashed in SetMode).
      Reinitialize DGA mode list whenever we update the global list.
      TV subcarrier was computed from wrong clock value.
      Computed corred color conversion values.
      PLL computations missed one possible 'm2' value.
      Add EDID quirk support for broken EDID data.
      When cleaning duplicate modes, make sure ->Last is reset correctly.
      Use Vesa DDC timeouts for all I2C busses.
      Change belinea edid quirk to cover the 10 20 30W model as well.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      If DDC detailed modes are missing physical size, pull from features.
      Configuration support: per-output mode lines, preferred mode.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Add stolen xf86 header files to driver source
      Oops, dont use symlinks for stolen xf86 header files
      Belinea 10 15 55 monitor quirk - override preferred mode with largest @60Hz
      Sync ranges from EDID/default should not limit configured modelines.
      Lack of configured monitor implies no configured modes.
      Detect in ProbeModes. Let get_modes set edid. Prune interlace/dblscan.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Prune default modes to EDID clock limit.
      Replace author-specific license with generic license.
      Replace author-specific license with generic license.
      Elide identical modes from reported list.
      Make driver build and run on Xorg 7.1. Delay DSP*BASE setting until last.
      Fix driver to build on RandR 1.2 systems again.
      Typo disabled new DRI MM on all chips.
      Sync dspbase/dspsurf registers by re-reading them.
      Allow initial position to be set in config file. Increase 965 max size.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Add interlace defines for pipeconf regs
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Numerous symbol scope issues.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Move EXA function declarations from source to header.
      Convert I830PipeSetMode to xf86CrtcSetMode. Add rotation structures.
      Interim work on rotation support with new xf86 code.
      Merge branch 'modesetting' into modesetting-rotation
      Make rotated pixmap size of mode, not rotated mode. Update only damage.
      Mark crtc region as damaged when rotation is set.
      Paint ARGB cursor data to ARGB cursor memory space in frame buffer.
      Fetch from root window instead of screen pixmap during rotation.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-rotation' into modesetting
      Check for rotation change in xf86RandR12CrtcSet.
      Add "Ignore" option to per-output monitor, removes output from server.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Rename driver from i810 to intel. Permit old name for compatibility.
      Create driver-independent DGA hooks, remove i830 DGA code.
      Global namespace cleanups, filename fixes.
      Use server sources for crtc/output generic code.
      Enable mode setting function renames from shared code.
      Change rotation pixmap creation API to permit start-time rotation.
      Remove common code that has moved to xserver/hw/xfree86/modes
      Check for presence of xf86Modes.h file.
      Make distcheck fixes. Distribute all sources needed even for older servers.
      Pre-965 hardware had fixed pipe 1 for panel fitter.
      Disable unused functions after configuring the remaining resources.
      Remove copied X server headers from driver.
      Update for Aaron's xserver changes.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      Shadow pixmaps use fixed offset of 0.
      Support new CRTC/Output prepare/commit hooks.
      Set version number to 2.0 RC1 (1.9.91).

Krzysztof Halasa (1):
      Don't zero out mode structure after setting name field.

Linus Torvals (1):
      Add standard C headers to fix build on some systems after xf86_ansic.h removal.

Luká\u0161 Hejtmánek (2):
      Add support for adjusting saturation value of overlay video.
      Make gamma settings apply to the cursor as well, and fix clone-mode gamma.

Lukáš Hejtmanek (2):
      Add  more registers to save/restore. Save/restore palette as well
      Replace VBE call to do DPMS with native code, and fix screensaver in clone mode.

root (1):
      WIP DGA generic support.

Ross Burton (1):
      Bug #7957: Fix distcheck.

Wang Zhenyu (69):
      fix I830BIOSAdjustFrame() sync in I830_USE_EXA case, use exaWaitSync() helper.
      I830CheckDevicesTimer() sync should be in I830_USE_XAA case.
      Save initialize EXADriverPtr, and free it in failure.
      Fix memorySize to enable offscreen mem manage.
      Solid planemask in PrepareSolid/Copy might be 0xffffffff
      Check alignment require in PrepareSolid, noticed by Eric,
      Add DEBUG_I830FALLBACK for easier tracking
      oop I830FALLBACK define error
      revert wrong setting for memorySize, which should
      fix a typo
      Merge branch 'master' into exa
      Current exa render implement for i830 and i915, test on
      fallback in 'repeat' case for now
      Fix several size error with STATE3D_LOAD_STATE_IMMEDIATE cmd.
      Revert "Fix several size error with STATE3D_LOAD_STATE_IMMEDIATE cmd."
      remove i915 default ctx setup.
      Take instruction fixes into i830, with indent changes.
      Take from i915, blend ctl code cleanup.
      move i830 default coord set into I830EmitInvarientState
      fixup segfault in xaa when xaa not initialized in i830WaitSync.
      add copyright info
      remove crap blit in UploadToScreen, we should find a more
      Merge branch 'master' into exa
      Current 915 render operations for 915G/945G only
      Making render log a little quiet in normal
      reimplement Solid function
      misc cleanup
      fix default tex wrap mode with clamp
      Revert "fix default tex wrap mode with clamp"
      Fix a typo to mark sync for XAA.
      Merge branch 'master' into exa
      fix typo in checking xf86CrtcScreenInit return
      Add file for i965 exa composite
      change some src sampler states
      Add mask sampler state
      Add simplest wm kernel program for no mask picture composite
      Fix compile, add wm header file.
      Fallback in mask picture for now
      Fix picture's transform checking
      Use sf_prog.h instead
      Mark current ps kernel is experimential with little test.
      EXA state mem for G965
      Rename exa sf/wm program files
      remove wrong scale_units
      clean up issue cmd to ring buffer
      fix vertex buffer size
      Setup default border color for our samplers
      WM kernel needs scratch space
      misc cleanup for G965 vs/sf/wm states
      Add in sf/wm program for mask picture without CA
      fix alpha blending state
      shut up warning
      fix typo in ps kernel
      set correct default border color
      Formats fixes
      fix Makefile.am
      Fix EXA mem binding
      Add rotation support for 965.
      Merge branch 'modesetting-origin' into modesetting
      minor fix on last exa mem binding commit
      Formalize sync interface
      Fix DRI issue when EXA enabled
      EXA: fix render issue with i965
      EXA: i965 pixmap pitch align
      EXA: mask componentAlpha support
      EXA: fix i965 default color (0,0,0,1.0) -> (0,0,0,0)
      Fix typo when assign overlay reg mem pointer
      EXA: enlarge 965 exa state buffer size
      Revert "EXA: enlarge 965 exa state buffer size"

Zou Nan hai (2):
      support NTSC 480i M-J, PAL 576i for 640x480-1280x1024 sizes
       TV Enable

keith.packard at intel.com
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