[xserver][PATCH] Tablet to screen coordinate translation

Magnus Vigerlöf Magnus.Vigerlof at home.se
Sun Mar 4 09:59:01 PST 2007

On Sunday 04 March 2007 18:36, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > Ok, had to make some assumptions but here's a patch adding calls to the
> > device-specific conversion routines defined in the LocalDeviceRec
> > structure.
> >
> > This will make it possible to send extension events with the granulatity
> > on x & y axis of the sending device while the core-events will be scaled
> > to the screen resolution.
> NAK: The entire point of GPE is that it's a unified interface that
> generates all events necessary (core, Xi, MPX).  IMO, the best idea
> would be to send each event (or the list of events) back to the driver
> for conversion.  After all, this is why GPE returns the events back to
> the DDX, instead of enqueuing itself.

Mmm... I split the GPE into two (extention and core) to cause minimal 
disturbances to the current code base and to be compatible with the current 
implementations of the other input devices, but I'll try to redo the patch 
according to these ideas instead.

Question though: This means that we need a new method in the LocalDeviceRec 
structure or somwhere near to be called with the generated events for 
conversion. Is the struct above 'included' in the version defined by 
ABI_XINPUT_VERSION, or is there a better suited one that can be used? Also, 
should we remove the two conversion routines in that struct while we're at it 
if it's the one to make the change in?

  Magnus V

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