problems with overlay window parent of gtk window

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes cerdiogenes at
Fri Mar 2 17:59:35 PST 2007


I'm running gnome-mag trunk:

If you want to download it:
svn co gnome-mag

This use COMPOSITE to achieve full-screen magnification and it's also
reparents the magnifier window to the overlay window. You can execute it
after compiling (with the default ./configure && make) entering in the
'magnifier' folder and typing:

./magnifier -vmz 2

After that enter in the 'test' folder and type:

./control-client d	/* It must clean the magnifier window (turn the
window grey) */

You can see that the application continue to work typeing (only the
magnifier window gets freezed):

./control-client x	/* this makes the magnifier exit */

If you commend the line '#define HAVE_OVERLAY 1' in 'config.h and
recompile it and run the magnifier and execute the './control-client's
commands the magnifier works normally.

In a part of the code I add some code to reparent the magnifier window
to root, add the needed widgets to it and then reparent again to overlay
and I get no freeze. So, my question is, is this a known bug? Is there
something being done to resolve this?


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